1940s Welshpool Weekend 2017


27th – 29th September 2019


For those coming by car, parking can be found at:-


Berriew Street Car Park SY21 7SL (long Stay)


Church Street Carpark SY21 7DD(long stay)


Seven Stars Carpark SY21 7JH (short stay)


Raven Square Station for visitors to Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway. SY21 7LT  


train button


Welshpool is a main station on the Birmingham to Aberystwyth / Cambrian Coast Line operated by Arriva trains.



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“It sounds contrived to say that thus and such an event ‘changed my life.’ But that’s exactly what the Welshpool Forties Weekend did. My home is in the U.S., but I’ve wanted for some time to live at least part of the year in the U.K. I settled on Wales for my home abroad and had mapped out an initial itinerary, including a town near the coast I designated my ‘HQ.’ However, some friends who are avid WWII reenactors talked me into changing everything – my arrival/departure dates, my itinerary, my HQ – so that I could attend the Welshpool event, which they felt would be well worth the changes. They were completely, gratifying right! The town captivated me: more than a village, less than a city, it has all the charm, friendliness, and amenities I needed. As to the Forties Weekend itself, I must say that I’m an historian (now a pensioner.) I’ve enjoyed historical reenactment/living history for many years as a sort of busman’s holiday. To be enjoyable for me, an event has to show good planning, good execution, and genuine history, so that visitors (and reenactors) both enjoy themselves and feel they are immersed in the people, things, and events from the past. There must also be a good mix of pure fun (the Blitz Ball and music acts scattered throughout the site), community involvement (like local businesses festooned with Union Jack pennants and Wartime posters), and accessible exhibits (the Spitfire on display and other ‘life as it was lived’ exhibits.) All present and correct at the Welshpool Forties Weekend! It is a ‘must attend’ occasion for anyone who can get there!”
Maureen J. Patrick,
Tampa, Florida USA